NautiCraft is a survival multiplayer server with a focus on community and providing an environment for everyone to enjoy.
We just had a World Reset on 1.17 and we will keep the Server updated with the latest Minecraft Releases as fast as we can.
The Server features a custom currency and a lot of fun tweaks, items and games that the Staff codes on their own.
NautiCraft is the perfect place to hang out, play Minigames, create amazing builds both in Survival and in Creative, with access to a Plots World,  make or join cities. Our community is very active even on our Discord.
So what are you waiting for? Join NautiCraft now! 😀
These are our server rules. The rules are valid on all platforms. We’ve set these rules in order to make NautiCraft a place where everyone can feel at home and safe. Of course, on Discord, mostly chat rules are relevant:
:verified: Be respectful of and considerate to others
:verified: Play fairly. Do not cheat, exploit, hack, dupe, steal, scam, tp kill, set traps, etc.
:verified: Be appropriate in chat; avoid controversial or/and upsetting topics, bullying, sexualised content, inappropriate content, links, etc.
:verified: Avoid spam, character spam, all caps, etc.
:verified: Swearing is not allowed. Do not bypass filters.
:verified: Do not advertise or promote other servers
:verified: Only speak English in Global chat.
:verified: No inappropriateness. No inappropriate builds, skins, names, etc.
:verified: Do not AFK farm or avoid the AFK auto kick.
:verified: Do not use unapproved mods (you cannot use mods that give you a game play advantage)
:verified: If you are banned, do not bypass the ban: make an appeal.