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4 months ago
1337Cristev_ || Ignorance & obnoxiousness

1. 1337Cristev_ 
2. 27/2/21 (d/m/y)
3. Permanent ban
4. Generally very obnoxious and purposefully ignorant behavior towards staff. Disregarding rules,....
5. Banned by Yohans

6. Later evidence shows that the player stole spawners from other grinders and also Suggests that the user used xray to find spawners underground.  (note added by luckyskyblock)

5 months ago
Dogeeeee___ || Abusing known exploit & disregarding staff

1. Dogeeeee___
2. 11/01/2021 (d/m/y)
3. Abusing known exploit & disregarding staff
4. 7 day temporary ban
5. They have been warned at least twice by staff members and asked not to continue using it, yet they still did. They admited to abusing the glitch.

6 months ago
WaffleSniper2k1 - X-Raying

Staff will review the application. A decision will be made in +/- 3 days.

6 months ago
FireRoz's staff application

Thank you for your interesting in becoming a moderator and helping our our community!

However, this application is useless to us as these are not our questions and therefor don't really provide us with the information we want and need. If you look on our Discord you'll be able to find a link to our TM-application form (and many other useful links!). You can fill this in in order to make a valid application :)


7 months ago
1.17 reset confirmed, here's how it will go down

Are there any other changes planned?

We will be removing the token system and hope to implement a nice alternative. This goes hand-in-hand with some minor economy changes. 

More information about this later.