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about 1 year ago
FloydFlyer - Griefing

  1. FloydFlyer
  2. 9/8/21
  3. Griefing (minor)
  4. 1 week tempban
  5. Core protect data shows the player breaking blocks clearly owned by other people/part of builds but just outside of claims.

about 1 year ago
1.17 Update Status

We're beginning the update process now! Check in on our discord for more updates!

about 1 year ago
WaffleSniper2k1 - X-Raying

Hi there and apologies for the delay, your appeal has unfortunately been unsuccessful with a vote of 6-0 and therefore you remain banned. You may reappeal again in 30 days.

about 1 year ago
WaffleSniper2k1 - Xraying

1. WaffleSniper2k1
2. 20/12/2020
3. Xraying
3. Perm ban
5. Multiple instances of player digging straight to diamond through the wall/clearly diverting a mining path towards diamonds. 

over 2 years ago
Cicc101- Trolling, Thieft

Hi, unfortunately your appeal has been unsuccessful with a vote of 5-0. You may appeal again in 30 days.