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1.17 Update Status

Overall progress:


Here is a list of the requirements that have to be met before we can start working on upgrading the server to the new 1.17 release. I will try to update it as soon as requirements are met. If you want to help out, you too can look if these requirements are met and send me a message on Discord, in case we haven't caught up on them.

Keep in mind that all requirements being met does not equal an instant update. We still have to transfer everything, and the whole process will take some time. At the moment we can not give an estimated time on when everything will be done, but once we do you will be notified. Stay tuned!

Baseline requirements (these have to be met before we can move on)

  • 1.17 Minecraft Release
  • 1.17 Paper (or Spigot) Release
  • Capitol Transfer
  • Management

Baseline plugins (these have to be updated. Without them we can not run safely)

  • EssentialsX
  • WorldEdit, WorldGuard
  • LWC
  • GriefPrevention
  • CoreProtect
  • HolographicDisplays
  • Multiverse
  • LuckPerms
  • MyCommand
  • PlotSquared
  • Vault
  • SuperbVote
  • Votifier
  • GoldenCrates
  • Skript + addons
  • Shopkeepers
  • Misc. Moderating plugins

Core plugins (these are not required to safely run, but are essential for the experience)

  • Harbor
  • GriefPreventionFlags
  • WorldGuardExtraFlags
  • KixChatAnnouncer
  • ActionAnnouncer
  • MineableSpawners
  • PvPToggle
  • ImageOnMap, ArtMap
  • Brewery
  • DiscordSRV
  • ChestSort
  • TAB
  • Minigame Plugins


  • Misc.
  • Plugins run smoothly and work like they should
  • Bug testing
  • Bug squashing

about 1 year ago
1337Cristev_ || Ignorance & obnoxiousness

1. 1337Cristev_ 
2. 27/2/21 (d/m/y)
3. Permanent ban
4. Generally very obnoxious and purposefully ignorant behavior towards staff. Disregarding rules,....
5. Banned by Yohans

6. Later evidence shows that the player stole spawners from other grinders and also Suggests that the user used xray to find spawners underground.  (note added by luckyskyblock)

about 1 year ago
Dogeeeee___ || Abusing known exploit & disregarding staff

1. Dogeeeee___
2. 11/01/2021 (d/m/y)
3. Abusing known exploit & disregarding staff
4. 7 day temporary ban
5. They have been warned at least twice by staff members and asked not to continue using it, yet they still did. They admited to abusing the glitch.

about 1 year ago
WaffleSniper2k1 - X-Raying

Staff will review the application. A decision will be made in +/- 3 days.

over 2 years ago
FireRoz's staff application

Thank you for your interesting in becoming a moderator and helping our our community!

However, this application is useless to us as these are not our questions and therefor don't really provide us with the information we want and need. If you look on our Discord you'll be able to find a link to our TM-application form (and many other useful links!). You can fill this in in order to make a valid application :)