The importance of voting - Introducing: Tokens
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19 Apr 2020
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03 Feb 2022
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Hey there!

You may or may not have been stalked by me pressuring you to vote. Voting is a really important thing that keeps Minecraft servers like ours active, and most importantly, alive.

As more players vote for the server, we will climb the ranks on voting sites which will make it easier for new possibly players to find us! If we push out a decent number of consistent votes, we're sending a message to the voting site. The site will know by the consistent vote that we are a good server, that people enjoy and want to vote for. When people look to find a new server, they will end up stumbling across our server with way more likability thanks to all of your votes!

In short, votes will help us grow our community. Community growth is the most important thing for a server like Nauti to be able to stay up and running. With a decent and growing community, the server will eventually pay for itself, or at least make the payments to the host worth it, even if donations didn't quite make the cut that month. This will allow us to stay open for longer, for more players to enjoy later on.

Now that you know exactly why voting is so important, I want to introduce a new voting reward. When voting now, you will receive tokens. You will be able to find your amount of tokens by typing /balance or /tokens in-game. The tokens will be used for the following server aspects;

  • WorldEdit: For worldedit, we're following the simple principle of "You help us, we help you". By voting, you help out the server a great deal. In return, we are more than happy to spend our time on helping you move your build or do that bit of terraforming. For moving, we will charge one token for every 5 blocks moved. For terraforming, we will charge 10 tokens per chunk.
  • Buying claim blocks: You can buy claim blocks very easily. If you need just a tiny bit more claimblocks to fully cover your build, you can buy them for 2 tokens per claimblock. Keep in mind that you can not sell claim blocks in order to get tokens.
  • Weekly deals: Every week, we will update a shop with a random selection of items, sold for a random amount of tokens. To spice things up there will be geart deals in there, but the shop refreshes every week. (Legendary deals may only be available for a shorter time!). Make sure to check the shop every week in order to score those deals! The opening of this shop will be announced on Discord.
  • Maybe more in the future....

You might wonder, "Hmpfff, you're making me vote in order to do be able to use these things?", and we hear you. We might ask you to vote, but you don't have to if you really don't want. The tokens are just an additional way for us to say thanks for voting for us. As mentioned at the WorldEdit section, you help us out, we help you out! Keep in mind that tokens will also be available in other ways, such as winning event competitons!

If you have any questions about these tokens, make sure to ask!

Yohans · over 2 years ago