Underwater / Aquatic - MapArt Contest
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19 Apr 2020
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09 Aug 2021
Belgium, Antwerpen, Herentals

Hey there!

You might not have known (how??), but Nauti has the ArtMap plugin! To celebrate this all-time favorite creativity plugin, and to kickstart our server entertainment, we're hosting this competition.

Let's see who is going to make the most beautiful painting! 

If you want to sign up to judge this contest, you can fill in the "application" on the dropdown menu. If you're on the judge team, you can not submit artworks yourself! We will select new judges every contest, so past judges can also parttake in the competition! We'll select the three first people who sign up to judge this round. Click here to sign up as a judge

The theme for the first contest will be Underwater / Aquatic!! (get it? Because Nauti..... Aquatic.... Underwater??)
Underwater/Aquatic is a pretty broad theme! You can paint sunken ships, underwater cities, fish, beautiful kelp forests,... It's all allowed as long as it's something to do with the underwater world!

The art has to be made on ONE canvas! In order to submit, please save your canvas as "AUC_(username)" and MAIL ME in order to submit! If you did not name your canvas properly, or did not send me a mail letting us know you entered, the entry will be invalid. If you want, you can also give some information about the artwork in the mail you send me.

The contest will end on SATURDAY 9th OF MAY, at the restart (20:05 GMT+2). Any artworks submitted after that time might not be considered into the judging.


     First place: 1000 Tokens and 5 Diamond blocks
     Second place: 750 Tokens and 3 Diamond blocks
     Third place: 500 Tokens and 2 Diamond blocks

All winning art will also be compiled in a museum which will be built somewhere in the future. The exact use for tokens will soon be announced.

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