1.17 Update Status
about 1 year ago

Overall progress:


Here is a list of the requirements that have to be met before we can start working on upgrading the server to the new 1.17 release. I will try to update it as soon as requirements are met. If you want to help out...

Information 1.16 Update Status
over 2 years ago

Overall progress:


Here is a list of the requirements that have to ...

Changing Minecraft username (inventory bug)
over 2 years ago

Hi there,

For some reason, we are experiencing a bug where inventories get wiped when players change their username. We are not quite sure where the problem occurs or how we can solve it just yet. This is why we advice you to not change your username right now.

If you do want to change your username right now, make sure to log in BEFORE changing your username, and putting all your items from both your normal inventory and enderchest in a chest.

This bug only seems to affect inventories, so the following items should not change when changing your name;

  • Claims and regions
  • Locked chests, furnaces, barrels,...
  • Shopkeepers
  • Jobs experience and levels
  • Token balanc...
The importance of voting - Introducing: Tokens
over 2 years ago

Hey there!

You may or may not have been stalked by me pressuring you to vote. Voting is a really important thing that keeps Minecraft servers like ours active, and most importantly, alive.

As more players vote for the server, we will climb the ranks on voting sites which will make it easier for new possibly players to find us! If we push out a decent number of consistent votes, we're sending a message to the voting site. The site will know by the consistent vote that we are a good server, that people enjoy and want to vote for. When people look to find a new server, they will end up stumbling across our server with way more likability thanks to all of your votes!

In short, votes will help us grow our community....

Underwater / Aquatic - MapArt Contest
over 2 years ago

Hey there!

You might not have known (how??), but Nauti has the ArtMap plugin! To celebrate this all-time favorite creativity plugin, and to kickstart our server entertainment, we're hosting this competition.

Let's see who is going to make the most beautiful painting! 

If you want to sign up to judge this contest, you can fill in the "application" on the dropdown menu. If you're on the judge team, you can not submit artworks yourself! We will select new judges every contest, so past judges can also parttake in the competition! We'll select the three first people who sign up to judge this round. Click here to sign up as a...

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